At ZHL, we motivate and enable our staff to go beyond just the call of duty and be a part of a much larger picture.

We recognise that our actions make a difference and therefore we have directed them to ensure a better future for those individuals who require it. In an effort to improve the standard of healthcare in the country, there is wide-spread awareness being created about the emergency numbers including 108, 1298 and 102, which has created several career opportunities for young aspiring healthcare professionals.

The recruitment of emergency medical technicians and pilots for the Ambulance Services involves a screening process which comprises a written test, technical selection, interview, medical and road rules test. Emergency medical technicians can  be both male and female in the age group of 20-30 years with any of the following educational qualifications – B.Sc. (Nursing), General Nursing Management (GNM), Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM), Diploma in Pharmacy and Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT). For pilots, the candidates must be male, aged between 24-35, with a height of not less than 162.5 cm, three years of driving experience of heavy vehicles.

Pre-hospital care is a demanding career as emergency medical services and facilities operate 24×7; thus, professionals in this field should be willing to work for prolonged durations. In return, they have the opportunity to come forward and save lives.

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Doctor Consultant - MBBS

1 - 6 Years3,00,000 - 6,00,000 P.A.Bhopal
Job Description: Splendid part time opportunity for MBBS DoctorsActively & eagerly…
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Manager MIS

4 - 8 Years4,00,000 - 6,00,000 P.A.Bhubaneshwar
Job Description: To manage, supervise current MIS team in Odisha consists…
Posted 1 week ago

MIS - Head

6 - 11 Years4,50,000 - 6,50,000 P.A.Bhopal
Job Description: Candidate from Data Analytical background would be given first…
Posted 1 week ago

People Matter

At Ziqitza HealthCare Ltd. we believe that as much as every life matters, our people matter more. They are the true representatives of what we believe in and our vision. At Ziqitza HealthCare Ltd, we have people from all walks of life tending selflessly to our patients, who play an important role in responding to an emergency.

The Golden Hour is most crucial for any accident victim and our efficient drivers ensure that not only do they transport the patient in the shortest time possible, but also do so safely. Our drivers are also well trained to identify the fastest route between the accident site and the nearest hospital.

Our Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) are some of our most valued employees and thanks to their ability to provide immediate care, we have been able to save precious lives. Our EMTs are well equipped to handle even critical patients and perform basic life-saving techniques while they transport them to the nearest hospital.

The first few moments after an accident are when most people panic, especially when conversing with emergency medical staff. Our call centre executives at Ziqitza HealthCare Ltd are patient, compassionate, and are able to effectively gauge the situation at hand. They are also able to provide the necessary assistance to alleviate the patient’s anguish and assuage their uneasiness.

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Donald Daniel

Donald Daniel

Human Resources
Purva Ghag

Purva Ghag

Human Resources

Work Culture

Working with an emergency medical service provider is no doubt an exciting job and at Ziqitza HealthCare Ltd. the same holds true. We have an open environment, which believes in secularism and treating our people like family. We encourage our employees to pursue higher studies as much as possible as well as celebrate all religious festivals. Right from blue to white collar employees, we have a diverse, young and vibrant crew who are passionate about their jobs and work dedicatedly to make every second and life count.

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In an emergency, even a split second’s difference could decide the life or death of a victim. Every time an ambulance is called, we drive through peak traffic, making our way through unending obstacles, with somebody’s life hanging in the balance. This is what ZHL stands for, the priceless value that every life holds, and we are constantly committed to providing the best care possible to safeguard and preserve it. In order to ensure the same, ZHL ensures that each and every ambulance, along with the equipment, is in perfect working condition, and stocked with all the necessary supplies and devices necessary to stabilize and treat a victim, until he reaches the hospital.


Be it an accident or a sudden illness, in an emergency situation, timely medical attention is of the utmost importance. However, the kind of medical attention one is provided is also an important deciding factor for his successful recovery. Thus, ZHL ensures that all of its paramedics are put through extensive training sessions, mock drills, and tests, to enable us to attend to any emergency to the best of our abilities, saving lives in the process.

Reema MalhotraPARAMEDIC, ZHL

We receive more than hundreds of calls every day for emergency medical support, but not all of them can be treated the same way. Figuring out the criticality of the patient over the phone, and prioritising the dispatch based on it is a very precise process. The amount of time needed for the ambulance to reach a patient depends entirely on us, and so, our decisions decide determine the life and death of people day in and day out. To ensure that no casualties are suffered because of any negligence on our part, ZHL conducts reviews of each and every call serviced, and how the patients are serviced, regularly, keeping in line with their commitment to care.

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